Python JIRA

After I joined Citrix back in 2012, one of the first things I had to do was to revive Python JIRA library, as I was using it in my day to day job.

I am still surprised that so many people are using complex and easy to break plugins and APIs for working with JIRA instead of just relying on the REST API and the beauty and simplicity of a scripting language like Python.


I am a big fun of StackOverflow concept and implementation, a community where software engineers share their knowledge in a very constructive way.

Some people may be surprised to hear that, but I do believe that my personal productivity almost doubled due to the use of this platform.

When you end-up adding a question on SO just because you were not able to find an answer to it after google-ing for 2-3 minutes, you start to wonder if that’s not like outsourcing your brain work?!

Is true that in 1:4 cases I do end-up answering the question myself, but for all the others, I do get free good answers, in many cases better than I would have come up with.

Synology DSM

I am fascinated about Synology DSM operating system and the overall user experience.

OpenOffice.org localization into Romanian language

Back in 2004, I had the pleasure to lead a big localization project which translated and adapted the entire Office suite OpenOffice.org into Romanian language. This was done as a commercial product named RomanianOffice. For years later, after we were able to recover most of the development costs, we released the entire translation as LGPL in order to be integrated upstream.

While this was not one of the most successful commercial products ever launched, it was clearly a complete PLC experience as it also included creating of a new product, marketing, building a distribution channel almost from nothing.