Bash 101

Bash strict mode

One of my top favorite articles around base is unofficial-bash-strict-mode and I recommend anyone to read it in order to understand why they should start every new shell script with that line below, even if they plan to write only a couple of commands.

{% code title="” %}

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail

# Or during development
set -euxo pipefail

{% endcode %}

{% hint style="info” %} There are some gotchas regarding using the magic strict mode. For example out of all platforms I tested Ubuntu chokes on the use of -o pipefail with default shell, which is not bash. Remember to force shell for Ubuntu. {% endhint %}

This bash strict mode also works with zsh so no need to worry about forcing the shell, especially as in newer MacOS default shell is zsh, kudos goes to Apple for having the balls to do it before others.