TripleO CI Projects

A hard dependendency is created when one project cannot be used or tested without needing code from the other one.

graph LR; subgraph openstack tci --> tq tci --> ta tci --> tht tci --> tv tci --> td tci --> tc tqe --> tq tq --> tc tqe --> tc tqe --> tu arr --> tu ta --> toa ptc tr tcdg tcij end subgraph internal tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-overcloud tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-overcloud-validate tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-tempest tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-overcloud-upgrade tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-inventory tenv --> ansible-role-tripleo-undercloud-post end tc[tripleo-common] arr[ansible-role-tripleo-ci-reproducer] ptc[python-tripleoclient] ta[tripleo-ansible] tci[tripleo-ci] tcij[tripleo-ci-internal-jobs] td[tripleo-docs] tenv[tripleo-environments] tht[tripleo-heat-templates] toa[tripleo-operator-ansible] tq[tripleo-quickstart] tqe[tripleo-quickstart-extras] tr[tripleo-repos] tcdg[tripleoclient-distgit] tu[tripleo-upgrade] tv[tripleo-validations]