Unicode character sets for testing font coverage

Testing Unicode coverage for fonts is always a problem and I decided to create a simple set of character sets for testing the coverage. I’ve splat them by language groups based on regions. Using these strings should be quite easy.

You should remember some things:

  • It’s not safe to test font strings inside the browsers because they do have font-fallback
  • soon I will add font-coverage for the most used fonts

Simple scripts - Latin, Cyrillic and Greek

Groups from 1-4 are additive, so characters already included in previous groups are removed

Group 1 - Basic - 5 languages - en, fr, es, de, it

Group 2 - Western - 6 languages - da, fi, nb, nl, pt, sv

Group 5- Greek


Complex Scripts (to be done)

How to test fonts under Windows ?

If you want to see character coverage you should use BabelMap, and if you want to write different texts you can use BabelPad. These two tools the best I’ve found so far and are free.